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<b><u>CFS is a Call For Soulwork</u></b>
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  <b><u>CFS is a Call For Soulwork</u></b>

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CFS is a Call For Soulwork : Testimonials

This is a wonderfully moving, informative, and inspirational book. The author does a great job providing thoughtful, well-researched information combined with a deeply personal story of her search for healing. She calls upon us to use the experience of chronic illness to uncover the essence of our being - to love yourself despite the confines and challenges of everyday life. I was moved to follow her advice, wisdom, and leadership to follow my own path to healing.
I heartily recommend this book!

M. Holliday, Mother & CFSer

As a Psychotherapist having 'survived' Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia, I have walked the path of Chronic Illness and pain. Through my experience, wisdom, and sensitivity, I understood how important Gretchen Brooks Nassar's book, "Call For Soulwork," was in achieving health. To continue my commitment to helping clients on their healing path, as part of my treatment plan, I recommend they read her book, integrating the message that we are not our illness but the illness can be our teacher, providing insights that guide us out of the darkness and into the light of recovery. Thank you, Gretchen!

Pat Gurnick, Psychotherapist,

I can't recommend this book enough!

'Call For Soulwork' provides a complete overview of the illness, and offers a unique and positive perspective of living with and recovering from ME/CFS. The book is very user friendly, and is refreshingly easy to understand. The chapters are short and always have a key point summary at the end. The combination of anecdotal and medical information provide a solid foundation to aid you in your healing. There are also checklists to consider and many useful contacts that I have found very helpful.

Lauren, United Kingdom

I love Gretchens book, CFS is a Call For Soulwork!

Ive struggled with CFS for almost 8 years, unable to work or do much of anything. Coming upon this book was such a wonderful surprise, as Gretchen understands my lonely path and the very complicated dynamics involved in trying to get well. Instead of giving me one more cure (how many times have we CFSers heard that!), she gently opens up her own life and experience to show us how CFS has transformed from her enemy, to closest friend. CFS has given her life back in ways she never knew she was missing, even prior to CFS. Gretchen opens up a different path for us to explore for ourselves, not someone elses path we must try and imitate. And in following my own path, I too am finding the gifts that Gretchen talks about. In 8 years of CFS, I have never found a book that is so helpful on so many levels, and Im recommending it not only to fellow CFSers, but also to any family member or practitioner helping people deal with CFS or any chronic illness. Gretchens book gives people with CFS (CFSers) different paths to walk. She leads us away from trying to fix and change ourselves and our situation towards embracing CFS as a teacherIndeed, CFS is the key to finding a life that works for us far better than our before CFS life ever did. As we find this other path, and trod upon it our own way, we find that its ok simply to be in life without needing to achieve anythingThat who we are is the gift, not what we do. Indeed, this is the goal of most spiritual paths, and here in CFS we have our own personal teacher!

Chris Maldonado, Recovering CFSer

In Call For Soulwork, Gretchen gives new hope for many who suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome by showing how it is actually an opportunity for spiritual growth. She combines the "nuts and bolts" of working with CFS through allopathic and complementary medicine together with her personal experiences to make an inspirational guide for healing on all levels. This practical and entertaining book is filled with information that will help not only those with CFS and their loved ones, but health care practitioners as well.

Olivario Pijoan, Doctor of Oriental Medicine

Whether you are somebody striving to heal from CFS or simply somebody looking for a deeper understanding of whole body wellness, you will find this book to be filled with insightful gems. Through the telling of her own story, Gretchen shows us that we are not alone in our journey to health and that true healing is an exciting multifaceted process. I do not suffer from CFS, yet I found the chapters on "The Energetic Body" and "CFS Remedies" very clear and helpful, and I loved the "Call For Soulwork Checklist" in the beginning of the book; I plan to review this checklist often for myself and my clients. In summary, this book is filled with love, hope and inspiration for a myriad of mind/body/spirit challenges.

Claudine M. Arndt, Certified Health Coach

CFS is a Call For Soulwork is uplifting, moving, and inspiring! A great informative resource giving people with chronic fatigue and those suffering tiredness, in general, a new outlook.

Lara Speyer, Psychotherapist

I bought the book "CFS is a Call For Soulwork" because I really enjoyed being in a class with the author, Gretchen Brooks Nassar. I read the book because I found it a fascinating account of the journey from considering herself a person with a chronic illness to becoming an incredibly sensitive and positive individual.
The opening pages include "A Cry For Validation" which allows readers to see, and even feel, the pain Gretchen suffered from having an illness that many skeptics still consider to be some women's inability to handle stress. (However a recent study, published in Pharmacogenomics, cites scientifc evidence that genetics play a role in CFS.)
The book takes us with her as Gretchen recognizes the symptoms she must deal with - pain, physical limitations, extreme fatigue, and difficulty interacting with others. She shares both her feelings about, and her solutions to, these problems.
If you, or a loved one, suffer from a chronic illness or disease the following quote from this book can truly be inspirational: Recovery begins in the mind. You must decide you want to get better. You must believe you can be better. We are our own best healers truly. Gretchen's book will make you a believer!

Judy, Mother, retired teacher, & loved one to CFSe

As a friend and loved one of CFS sufferers, I now "get" the depth of loss & pain of CFS. I also feel certain this book will give people with CFS the voice they lack and the strength they need.

Beth Batchelor, Real Estate Broker

Gretchen Brooks Nassar's compassion and therefore understanding of this life-changing juncture in the lives of many rings very clear and on tone. Anyone trapped in the "victim stage" would certainly feel heard and thereby inspired to take another look at the re-birth of personal power and creativity knocking at the door. Gretchen's experience and sharing of it through this book shines a beautiful light on the path.

Andrew Shier, Master Attunement Teacher


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