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<b><u>CFS is a Call For Soulwork</u></b>
call for soulwork
  <b><u>CFS is a Call For Soulwork</u></b>

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CFS is a Call For Soulwork : Sample Chapters

"CFS calls upon us to stop. It presents us a whole new way of experiencing life..."

-CFS is a Call For Soulwork

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Introduction (sample text provided below)
Chapter 2: The CFS Tree
Chapter 3: To You My CFS Friend
Chapter 4: To Friends and Family
Chapter 5: Possible CFS Roots: The Energetic Body
Chapter 6: The CFS Tree with Branches Large and Small (How CFS looks)
Chapter 7: CFS from the Inside (How CFS feels)
Chapter 8: Call for Soulwork
Chapter 9: Embracing Illness
Chapter 10: The Gift of Being
Chapter 11: The Healing Art of Balance
Chapter 12: The Seasons of CFS
Chapter 13: Surviving CFS Lows
Chapter 14: Uprooting My History
Chapter 15: Standing Alone: Inevitable Isolation (sample text provided below)
Chapter 16: CFS as an Energy Disease
Chapter 17: What Heals
Chapter 18: You Are Your Own Best Healer
Chapter 19: Gratitude for the Gift
Chapter 20: Befriending the Pain
Chapter 21: The CFS Couple
Chapter 22: Relationships & CFS
Chapter 23: A Perfect CFS Companion: Your Cat
Chapter 24: Separating Self from CFS
Chapter 25: Deciding to Heal
Chapter 26: Nourish Thy Soul
Chapter 27: Nourish Thy Body
Chapter 28: CFS Remedies
Chapter 29: Cutting Down the CFS Tree: From CFS to Health
Chapter 30: Replacing the CFS Tree: It's Getting Better

Sample Chapter:

"After I had been sick for several months, it became clear to me that I was changing in fundamental ways and that I would never go back to my old self. One day, when I was taking my morning walk across the mesa, I heard myself muttering under my breath, over and over like a droning chant, I dont know who I am anymore. I dont know who I am anymore. Like many sick people, I had begun to realize that my illness was not so much a state of being as a process of transformation.

-Kat Duff, author of CFS Book,
The Alchemy of Illness

I used to wake up every morning around three a.m., and feel wide-awake and mentally alert, but physically lightas if I had no body. At such times, words would spin, out of control, in my mind. From the moment I broke slumber, words formed chapter titles and told the story of what CFS was all aboutnot the ugly story, not the story of painful symptoms and unwanted experiences, but a story of hope, meaning, and of being with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. At the time, I didnt know I was writing a book. I just knew that when I wrote the words and ideas that were swimming in my mind, they made sense; they made sense out of what didnt: an illness that I didnt want.

The words taught me that I could live happily with CFS. I could learn to be with and accept my illness. I didnt have to fight to heal. Healing, I discovered, came from acceptance and seeing what a blessing CFS was. The words flowed effortlessly from my mind onto paper. Id write furiously. Energy that I hadnt experienced since the onset of my CFS, strangely came through my mind, out my hand--- channeling my thoughts to paper. I had begun to heal. As I wrote, I healed and learned what it meant to have CFS; I learnt how to transform my tragedy.

Admittedly, there were those times when Id awaken in the middle of the night and not grab my pen and journal. Instead, I simply lay there, with a relaxed body but my mind racing. I lived in my mind. Everything that I couldnt do physically was replaced by what I could do in my mind. In my mind, I accomplished everyday activities: cleaning house, doing laundry, calling friends, and more extraordinary activities like writing a book and teaching inspiring classes. Later in the day, usually about noon (after being awake for hours), I would grow exhausted and unable to focus. Everything turned to haze: my mind, thoughts, and vision. I could focus on nothing. The fatigue that had eluded me in the middle of the night, now dragged me back to bed or the couch. Hating it, I would try to stay awake, sometimes drinking a coffee, other times forcing myself to walk, or to clean. More often than not, Id give in and go back to bed. Later, when waking up from my mid-day nap, everything that had felt so good, so meaningful in the middle of the night, had vanished. I felt groggy, lethargic, and depressed. My prior motivation to write chapter after chapter was replaced by a feeling of absolute disdain, disdain for how I felt and for how I saw myself: a worthless dough-girl.

Ive lived with CFS for the past ten years. In that time, Ive left everything I once knew behind: who I was; what I wanted for myself; and what was important to me--- my prior life vanished. But over the span of ten years, CFS became not just a life-altering illness in the negative sense, but a positive, life-inspiring experience. Just how this happened is still somewhat a mystery to me. Though CFS enveloped my body with symptom after symptom, the most meaningful CFS changes were those visiting my mind and taking root deep in my soul. Over time I made choices that helped me gain power over an illness that seemed to dis-empower. I decided to do three things that would lay the foundation to seeing chronic fatigue syndrome as more than just an undesirable illness, but as a Call For Soulwork. These were: 1) accept all that CFS brings; 2) do everything I can to heal, while simultaneously not requiring healing in order to value myself or my life; and 3) trust that CFS had something great to offer me.

There are many great books on the subject of CFS (refer to CFS Resources), many which emphasize the physiological nature of CFS (while also providing healing alternatives). Some offer suggestions about how to live with CFS. Few, however, present the view of CFS as anything more than an illness to overcome. Few provide tools and ideas for how to better live emotionally/spiritually with your CFS. Few refer to your healing as a process or to its holistic nature, even though CFS encompasses body, mind, and spirit, and healing CFS entails a journey of body, mind, and spirit.

Call For Soulwork shows you how CFS is so much more than an illness that has disrupted and altered your entire life. This book is not intended to be a how to in the traditional sense. I cannot provide you with the magical treatment that will suddenly return your life to pre-CFS. Only you, with the help of others, can discover the specific requirements for your healing. I am here to help you in a different way. A Call For Soulwork is a new type of how to book. Rather than instructing you on how to heal, this book teaches how to BE with your CFS in new transformational ways. When you learn to see CFS as your teacher, your experience of CFS changes from that of battleground to one of relationship. In relationship with CFS, you will see that this illness can help you look at yourself and your life in new ways.

In the book Tuesdays with Morrie, the author Mitch Albom tells us that our culture has not taught us to value ourselves. I agree. When I consider what our society values, I hear, Work hard, present yourself as professional and attractive, and get everything you can: a home, a beautiful car, and the latest technology. The focus is on the material things of life, the externals. These are the things that are supposed to bring about our happiness. Anyone who has chased after these things sooner or later discovers the painful and important truth. Money, beauty, and work will not provide happiness. Not even health can guarantee it. Happiness, like health, is something you cannot buy. It is something that cannot come from outside of yourself. Happiness and our health must be created from within.

We are taught day in and day out through the media, in schools, and in the workplace, that everything that matters is external to us. Our value lies outside, on the surface: in our appearance, through our job titles, in our material possessions. CFS teaches differently. You do not have to have anything, not even health, to be of value. You do not have to do anything, either. Societal messages about accomplishment through work and possessions and appearances are simply that, messages. Not all messages are truth.

Here is a message from nature. Everyday my loving cat Sage relaxed the day away doing absolutely nothing. But was she value-less? I cannot imagine what my life would have been without this incredible being. Her loving presence was always with me with never a negative word, only a reassuring purr. Sages value is hardly recognized by the societal myths described here, but her value in my life is undeniable.

Call For Soulwork is not going to emphasize what you can take, do, or try in order to heal. More healing techniques are found in other fine CFS books. This book is going to help you in a new way. Its going to empower you to see CFS as your teacher. Its going to show you several ways to view and experience your illness.

When you begin to embrace your CFS as a benevolent teacher, you begin to heal. This book will help you value yourself and your experiences throughout your healing journey. The principles I share here have helped me and I am confident they can help you, too. I know that these words, which I spent many sleepless nights writing and many lethargic days rewriting, are not just for me, they are for you, too.

Copyright 2005 Gretchen Brooks Nassar


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