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Links For CFS & Healing

The CFIDS Association of America's site is dedicated to conquering CFS and is an invaluble resource for general CFS information.
This patient-owned (Rich Carson) website boasts over 10,000 CFS articles and offers message boards, chat rooms, information on CFS causes, coping, disability, symptoms, and treatment.
A great resource for CFS, Myalgic Encephalopathy, and Fibromyalgia sufferers.
Cutting-edge news and commentary for the CFIDS community.
This is an online support group dedicated to CFS, Fibromyalgia, and chronic pain sufferers.
Here you will find a wealth of medical articles and treatment suggestions on CFS and Fibromyalgia written by renown CFS physicians and researchers.
Dr. Teitelbaum's website based on his popular book, From Fatigued to Fantastic. Find treatments, doctor lists, support group information, and CFS articles.
A broad-based resource of articles, books, on-line resources, and chat rooms.
Redefining the limits of chronic illness, from the author of My Own Medicine.

An amazon affiliate offering a vast array of books, DVD's, journals, and music on CFS and health, mind, and body.
This is an amazing library of health resources catalogued alphabetically. A brief description and web link follows every topic.
Holistic, Spiritual, & Self Improvement Resource.
An informed and caring counselor who can assist you on your journey towards physical and mental health.
Renown physician/author in Integrative medicine, Andrew Weil, provides resources and information on a myriad of health topics and illnesses including condition treatment guide, herbal guide, food as medicine, and healthy home resources for the allergic and environmentally-sensitive (to name a few).
A family of alternative healers offering wisdom, healing services and products to aid healing on all levels.

Helping people transform adversity (including chronic illness) through 100's of inspirational stories, articles, and wellness tools.

A spiritually-based recording service that offers audiovisual materials on spirituality, meditation, psychology, health/healing, self-discovery, and more.
This website of the author of the "With God" books and spiritual teacher, Neale Donald Walsch, shares inspirational teachings & insights via his countless books, audio materials, retreats, and courses.

A great informative resource from the American Pain Association offering resources, articles, and contacts.

Apollo, one of the leaders in light therapy research, offers information about SAD, related research, light therapy, and their lastest technology, bluelight.


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