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CFS Facts

"As a CFSer (person with CFS), you are no longer able to be who you once were. You are no longer able to do the things you once loved. You are no longer able to act in ways you once did. And, you no longer want the things you once longed for."

-CFS is a Call For Soulwork

"Studies have shown that people with the syndrome experience abnormalities in the central and autonomic nervous systems, the immune system, cognitive functions, the stress response pathways, and other major biological functions. Researchers believe the illness will ultimately prove to have multiple causes, including genetic predisposition and exposure to microbial agents, toxins, and other physical and emotional traumas."

-New York Times, David Tuller, July 17, 07

Basic CFS Facts
* CFS, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, also known as CFIDS (Chronic Fatigue Immune Deficiency Syndrome), and ME is a legitimate disease/syndrome.
* It typically affects every bodily system: neurological (mind), immunological (immune system), hormonal, gastrointestinal (digestion), and musculoskeletal (muscles).
* CFS is not simply the experience of extreme fatigue; it is an illness/syndrome manifesting through hundreds of symptoms. To read about the symptoms, visit the cfs symptom page.
* It is a serious, life-altering, chronic (long-term) condition, not only impacting a person's body, but also their mind and spirit.
* Over a million people in America have CFS, but only about 20% are diagnosed.
* CFS is three times more prevalent in women than men, and it impacts every race.
* It is primarily an adult disease afflicting 20-40 year olds (though it can affect any age group).
* As of 2007, the medical establishment (allopathic medicine) has yet to identify the causes of CFS, lacks a CFS diagnostic test, and has been unable to identify a cure/cures, however researchers are working to change these facts.
* To be diagnosed with CFS, you must experience #1 & have at least 4 of the symptoms # 2-9 below:
1. a life-altering fatigue lasting 6 months or longer

2. impaired memory and mental concentration
3. sore throat
4. tender lymph nodes
5. muscle pain
6. joint pain
7. sleep disturbances
8. atypical headaches
9. post-exertion (exercise) exhaustion

* CFS creates isolation because it is misunderstood and undervalued in a culture that puts a premium on accomplishment and doing. Thankfully this may be changing. As of July 07, there is a new CFS public awareness program, Spark, sponsored by the CDC and created by CFIDS Association. This program intends to raise CFS awareness and build more understanding around this disease. (Check out the Spark page at for more information).

"When connecting with people feels too difficult, animals and nature offer a wonderful alternative to isolation."

-CFS is a Call For Soulwork


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