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Welcome to Call For Soulwork!

I never meant to write a book when my midnight muse came to me, yet I was in its grips and the words and messages had me transfixed. It was 1999, and I had no life. After years of searching for the right career and finally arriving, I was on the road to becoming to a psychotherapist. That's when a fatigue so thick, so all encompassing enveloped me and drove me from my path onto an unexpected, unwanted new one. It was CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome). That's when CFS became my life and taking with it all my energy, most my abilities, and even my identity. It robbed me of everything: my abilities, my career, my relationships, and everything I knew to be me. And as it took over, so too did a midnight muse that woke me in the wee hours with messages of hope and inspiration. Messages that CFS did not have to be a robber of everything good in my life, but instead could be a messenger of hope, of change, of Soulwork. It was this muse, later becoming this book, CFS is Call For Soulwork, that delivered me from a mere physical being to a spiritual one.

As the muse kept me from sleeping, it also inspired in me what no other CFS book, person, or website could. It gave me the belief in my ability to heal; it gave me the drive to heal. It gave me the knowing I would get better; I could get better, and that where I was wasn't all bad. It showed me that I could be ill and still be well. I didn't have to believe the CFS books, doctors, and the depressing prognoses. I didn't have to wait for a super pill or magic cure; I could heal myself! It taught me, this muse, that I was my own best healer and that I could accept my illness, even embrace it, all the while fighting and working to get better. And, so I did.

This muse (and now this book), which came from somewhere deep within me or without me, I'm not sure, told me that CFS was my teacher. That the isolation that imprisoned me was real, but could be broken by other ways of connection: spiritual connection, connection to self, and to nature. It also acknowledged my deep loneliness, the pain of broken and scarred relations and miscommunications, and my inability to be social. It acknowledged the raw fear, isolation, and despair inherent in CFS. And it showed me more; it brought me to another part of myself and another aspect of the illness. Through my illness, my CFS, and with the help of my muse and my subsequent spiritual journey, I began to find meaning and acceptance of where I was. Yet I also fought to be better, and slowly, progressively, I did what I needed to and healed!

CFS is a Call For Soulwork helped me to heal. I wrote it when I was ill, but on my path to recovery. I wrote it in the depths of dark times when I had little hope, when I was temporarily destroyed by its presence, and over time it helped guide me toward wellness.

CFS is a Call For Soulwork is not about a cure or so much about how to heal physically, though it addresses this. Rather the bulk of this book is about learning to see the messenger and goodness in illness so you can get better. It's about realizing your power to heal, your part in healing, and how to be well even while being ill. It's a spiritual friend who guides you through the pain and loneliness to a more hopeful, inspired, and meaningful place.

Without this book, I don't know if I ever would have recovered. Yet I did, and I have been healed for over five years now! My book helped me heal. And, I believe it can help you heal too. Of course, I can't guarantee it. Nobody has a guarantee, and CFS is still a mystery in many ways. And it's different for everybody. Yes, there are definite commonalities: our pain, our incessant, debilitating, all-encompassing fatigue, our inability to think, and our loss of identity. And, yes, we all desperately want to be healed and ridded of this illness, but not everyone wants to do the healing. But getting better is about going through the healing and so too is this book.

This book can help you go through your healing journey. It can help you see your illness differently, giving you a brighter perspective, some hope, and the ability to walk through the pain and struggle into a path to heal. This book is about how to be here and how to get where you want to go. It's about CFS being a Call For Soulwork!

Thank you so much for visiting my website. I hope you find what you're looking for, and I wish you many blessings on your healing path. And, if you do buy and read my book, I hope it helps you on your healing journey and on a path towards recovery.



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